Table side ordering system

What is Ontabee?

Digitize the experience of customers to your restaurant, as well boost the growth of your brand with the Ontabee tablseside ordering app. This interactive tableside ordering system enables you to frequently make changes to the items in the menu and their prices, without any further expense. Moreover, the customers of your restaurant brand enjoy a more smooth and calm dining experience, without having to wait at all! The handheld ordering system of Ontabee performs equally well on Androids, iOS tablets devices.


In this approach, the freedom is given to customers to scroll through the menu and place orders themselves. The browsing of the menu, the placing of orders and the even the payment is done through the app.


The Ontabee app delivers more efficiency to how your restaurant performs. It also brings a delightful experience for both your staff, as well as your customers. In fact, you can also further customize the app according to your evolving needs.


This is what you usually see in restaurants, wherein the waiter collects the order with a notebook. The core difference with Ontabee is that the same order is collected with an android or tablet, making it more accurate.


Similar to the other mode, customers can browse the menus and place the orders on their own. The message is next transmitted to the kitchen, from where the waiter delivers the food. The payment is collected by the waiter.


Engaged customers and increase ROI


Nil waiting time

Customers at your restaurant need not wait even a minute to place their orders. Also, the waiters need not spend any time awaiting the customer's choice from the menu. The Ontabee app does all these at a zero waiting time!


Integrated to POS

The Ontabee app can be integrated to any POS system available publicly. Its linkage to POS systems, give more transparency to the editing of the menu and the billing process. This features improves efficiency.


Item modifier

This helps visitors to a restaurant modify their order at any point of time. They can also make modifications to a single order, such as what is to be included or excluded. It is like giving accurate details to a live-waiter.


Export menu

Your menus can be exported from any existing POS system to the Ontabee app without any difficulty. As a result, the entire process of you transferring to Ontabee is made as simple as the turning of a page.

Why Restaurant staff will love Ontabee

Well integrated into a POS system

No limits to the number of items in the menu

More clarity in the placement of orders

More quick, accurate and swift leaving no room for human errors

Why customers will love Ontabee

Ability to give instant feedback to the management

Customize their own food order, by adding or removing ingredients as per their choices

Customers can instantly locate what they are looking for with the quick search option

Comments can be added at the end of each order to mark individual tastes or specifications.


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