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Ontabee was founded to privilege restaurants with a platform to build, establish, and grow their online restaurant business and also based on great insights and strong technical expertise in building SaaS solutions. Ontabee's multi-directional approach helps restaurants to build their own brand and create a loyal service for its customers.

We promise this should be possible without any hidden charges for the restaurant by charging high commission payment for each and every order.

Ontabee supports the most convenient of online food ordering and delivery. But, many restaurants have great spicy food but they will lose sales & also their potential customers because of only reason that they don't have online ordering system for their restaurant business.

To overcome this scenario many of those who built their online ordering system which ends up with bug software then the result will be the bad experience for each and every customer.

Then in the other case of restaurant owners, they don't have any idea to built software for their own business. Either they will go which one of the online ordering system who earn commission for each order or ask the web development company to built a custom module which turns expensive as well.

Our main objective is to solve this scenario and provide a solution for restaurant owners and food lovers.

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