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Ontabee provides a perfect online restaurant ordering system.

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Looking for GloriaFood Alternative?

The biggest difference between Ontabee and GloriaFood is that we provide our online restaurant ordering software, premium version for just $29. GloriaFood premium features are more complex. For every feature you choose to pay extra like online payments with $29 extra, promotions with $19 extra, sales optimized websites with $9 extra, Branded mobile app with $59 extra and much more with extra dollars. But Ontabee provides all the above features with just $29. Also, Ontabee provides free combo mobile printer terminal for our customer who chooses annual plan.

Ontabee $29 / Month (Per Outlet)

  • Sales Optimized Website
  • Branded Mobile Apps
  • Get Free printer for Annual plan users
  • Get all Features for just $29/month only

GloriaFood (Per Outlet)

  • $9 Per Month - Sales Optimized Website
  • $59 Per Month - Branded Mobile Apps
  • No Printer provided
  • Every feature you choose to pay extra

* Pricing data from GloriaFood as of January 2017

What do you get for $0 from Ontabee?

Our perfect online ordering system provides these for free with zero setup cost

Online Ordering
  • Single Outlet
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Integrate Live Chat
  • Basic Reports
  • Pictures in Menu
  • Order for Later
  • Website Ordering
  • Mobile Responsive

Our Ontabee free trial offers full access to all the above features, allowing you to run and monitor your business in real-time. We aim at providing competitive solutions for your business. Also, we make sure you get maximum ROI with our enterprise online restaurant ordering system.

You get complete sales optimized website with Ontabee

Interested in Ontabee? Here is our Pricing Plan

  • No Hidden Cost
  • Free combo mobile printer terminal for annual plan
  • Get custom plan for multiple outlets
  • Order receiving app provided (Android)
  • You get delivery app (Android).