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Complete Food Ordering Software for Professional Kitchen/Chef

Ontabee is the superior software provider for professional kitchen or chef and also have 5+ years of experience & continuous product development. We have built the revenue-boosting website for restaurant and takeaways & integrate it with our online food ordering software. With the help of our food ordering system, you will receive online orders through your very own website, which is delivered to your existing mobile call and also in person. It is suitable for all kind of professional kitchens which regardless of size or area of business. Get your very own, fully customizable online food ordering system for your restaurant business quickly and easy to set up.

Why Successful Restaurant Choose Ontabee's Restaurant Management System?

Ontabee is the one-stop solution for restaurant management system for an unbelievable restaurant business. It is an interactive mobile app for the restaurant which provides the customer an updated and impressive digital restaurant menu. Ontabee also observes and manages the restaurant’s overall process and offers better customer service, increased daily sales, reduced manual errors and strong processing of payment.

Food Ordering Process

  • The customer can place an order by mobile app or website.

  • The restaurant receives an order via web back-end and order receiving the app.

  • Order is prepared and sent notification to the delivery boy with the order details.

  • Food is delivered to the customer at their place and send the notification to the restaurant.

Why Go Online ordering system for the restaurant?

Be smart - Get ahead of the food industry business! The food business is very highly competitive and also successful business. Ontabee is the most comprehensive food ordering software, orders & management solution provider to the food business through this you can find everything you need to get ahead of the game.

Features of Mobile Food Ordering Software

Ontabee is a food-business focused solution that offers feature-rich and powerful mobile application to allow restaurants with an unmatched digital presence in a mobile-first world. Enhance online food ordering experience for your customers with your own mobile food ordering application.

mobile application

The Benefit Of Professional Kitchen Management

  • Improve Productivity & Efficiency
  • Enhance Profits which Suits any kind of Restaurant professionals, MasterChef etc.,
  • Increase Control, secure to use Interface
  • Build Effective Business Processes
  • Easy Set-up, Free Technical Support
  • Track individual item cook times.